Are You Genius Man?

Genius Man
Genius Man is Brilliant

Genius Man is really, really smart. He’s always coming up with new ideas, innovative solutions, and revolutionary products. When it comes to ideas, Genius Man is top-notch.

Unfortunately, Genius Man is usually a fair bit smarter than the people around him, especially when it comes to his customers. His brain allows him to think in unique ways, but not all of his customers can understand his thought process.

Genius Man needs a Copy Girl

Because he’s so brilliant, customers don’t always understand how he thinks. His sidekick, Copy Girl, acts as a translator, converting his brilliance into a form that customers can understand.

Genius Man comes up with the ideas, and Copy Girl communicates his ideas in a way that makes them sell. Without Copy Girl, all Genius Man’s ideas tend to fall flat, and sales are stagnant.

Sound Familiar?

Need your own sidekick?

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