A Bunny Can Call Another Bunny Cute


This post is a divergence from my usual fare about digital marketing and copywriting, but something cropped up on LinkedIn today that I just couldn’t help but mention. A professional woman shared a screenshot from a man who sent her a private message. In the very first message, all he wrote was, “You’re beautiful!” When she […]

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Quit Throwing Your Money at Content Writers!


Bet ya didn’t expect me to rant about content writers, huh? 😉 In all seriousness, quit throwing your money at content writers who aren’t going to be getting you any results! Are you ready for a content writer? Probably not. If you just thought, “Hey, I need someone to write blog posts for me,” you’re […]

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Marketing 101: Choosing the right marketing campaign


Main Presentation Choosing a marketing campaign from Holly Antle Notes and Transcript HOW TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS How to market your business. Marketing 101: Choosing a marketing campaign. This presentation was designed and created by Holly Antle, a copywriter who specializes in writing for heavily regulated industries. For more information, visit Copy to keep […]

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Marketing for Insurance Agents (A Primer)


Let’s say that you’re in the insurance business (You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t!). Maybe you’re doing something with the corporate side of things, but statistically speaking, you’re much more likely to be an independent agent. So let’s talk about marketing! The Sales Process We’re all somewhat familiar with the basic […]

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Understanding Content Marketing, part 1

This is part one of a three-part series on understanding content marketing. Additional parts will be posted shortly. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a method of marketing your business or product using content that’s produced and published on the Internet. What is content? There are many different types of content available on the […]

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Why Does Your Business Need a Website (Reason #1,427)

Proven methodology

Why Does My Business Need a Website? So you have a small business. Maybe it’s nothing super huge, but it’s just a small mom-and-pop business on Main Street in your small town. Do you REALLY need a website? Obviously, I’ve got a conflict of interest, since I BUILD websites for small mom-and-pop businesses! But the […]

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Who’s Your Backup?

Yay Diversity!

Who’s Your Backup? Whether you run an agency or you deal directly with your freelancers, you have probably (if you’ve been using freelancers for any length of time!) run into a situation where you needed a backup. The Struggle Let’s look at this struggle through the eyes of two of my clients. A. and her […]

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Hiring a Freelancer: What You Need to Know

Proven methodology

Hiring a Freelancer I’ve written a lot about working with freelancers in the past (see this, this, and this). Because I work with clients and communicate regularly with freelancers, I hear a lot from both sides about what makes a good freelancer/client relationship. What I’ve found is that the same thing that destroys marriages wrecks […]

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Jargon, corporate speak, and cliches


If Weird Al Said It, You Shouldn’t! In one of my professional copywriting forums, someone posted a link to this video, which I’ve forgotten about but always loved: As a general rule of thumb, if Weird Al Yankovic mentioned your phrase in his parody on business communication, you should keep it out of your own […]

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What About Local SEO?


What about local SEO? In my previous post, I discussed a lot of the reasons why your business might not need SEO. I was referring most specifically to global SEO, and local SEO is an entirely different animal! So what about local SEO for local businesses? Local vs. Global SEO If I go to Google […]

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